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People have lived in the area of Bohinj for hundreds and thousands of years and shaped the cultural landscape. They have managed to preserve nature in all its beauty, and at the same time extract from it everything needed for survival. Although times have changed for the worse from this point of view, the people of Bohinj are increasingly aware of the treasures they have inherited from their ancestors.

You are invited to step into their shoes and get to know their way of life and beliefs during different important periods. Architectural masterpieces of high technical quality can be found both on the high Bohinj mountain pastures as well as in the valley, e.g. alpine dairy huts, double-sided hayracks or toplarji under Mount Studor, the Pantz cableway in Soteska etc. You can also admire the lifestyle of the people in Bohinj, e.g. rural houses, and sacred buildings in the area.

Travelling through time from the Iron Age to the present day, you can also pay a visit to the interesting collections of the three museums in Bohinj (Oplen House, the Museum of Alpine Dairy Farming and Tomaž Godec Museum).

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