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Bohinj hosts a wide range of events and performances to choose from all year round, especially in the summer and winter seasons, and to put a finishing touch to your holiday in Bohinj.

Traditional events in Bohinj include village evenings under the linden tree, Ethnic Weekend (wedding feast or vasovanje, and traditional rural wedding or kmečka ohcet), the Cow's Ball in Bohinj, picking and storing Bohinj maize, and otepanje, a traditional Christmas or New Year custom in some of the Bohinj villages.

Major sports events in Bohinj include the Fly Fishing World Championship, Bohinj Triathlon, Triglav's Four Brave Men Run around Lake Bohinj, Bohinj Kayak Marathon, Telemark FIS World Cup, Biathlon World Cup, and a number of smaller competitions that are worth coming and seeing.

Other significant events in Bohinj include the International Wild Flower Festival in spring, and the Hiking Festival and Fishing Festival in autumn. In summer, you can enjoy the sounds of the Musical Summer in Bohinj, the Kanal Festival, or Tuesday Evenings in Stara Fužina. The main events in winter take place in the New Year programme in Bohinj.

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