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BOHINJ – NATURE's symphony

Experience the magnificence of nature in Bohinj and the Triglav National Park in every season of the year. Which one is your favourite? It is best to enjoy each and every one of them: the exciting scents and burst of spring, the cheerful spirit of summer, the vivid colours of autumn and the snow white fairy tale of winter.

As well as some of the most famous natural attractions in Bohinj, e.g. Lake Bohinj, the Seven Triglav Lakes, the Savica Waterfall and Mostnica Gorge and Voje Valley, do not miss the ones that are less well-known, but also worth a visit – e.g. Grmečica Waterfall, Ribnica Waterfalls, the fairy-tale forest with its thick trees, Govic Waterfall etc.

The network of hiking trails takes you to some more or lesser known peaks and mountain pastures.

Allow yourself to be surprised by the cultural features and specific plants and animals while discovering Bohinj. If you approach it with enough respect, a world of more and more rare and indigenous species opens up. Do not forget to capture them on camera, but at the same time be careful not to disturb nature's sensitive balance.


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