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Environmental Care

Žičnice Vogel Bohinj pays special attention to environmental protection. It is essential to recognise the importance of environmental protection in the Triglav National Park and Vogel Ski Resort, which is also a part of the park, because this is the only way to preserve nature for future generations.

The ski resort is inevitably a form of environmental degradation, but we at Žičnice Vogel Bohinj do our best to reduce additional impact on the environment. This is why we do not use artificial snow-making, and skiing is only available on natural snow.

Due to the lack of water resources, we also pay special attention and care to water conservation and rainwater collection, and we obtain some of the water from our own borehole.

Large numbers of visitors produce large amounts of waste. For this reason we collect waste separately and transport it to the valley where it is managed by appropriate collection services.

In addition, we organize a clean-up action every year to get rid of litter at Vogel ski resort and in its surroundings, so that our visitors can enjoy a pristine environment.

We will continue to strive towards a reduced environmental impact despite our activities and the large numbers of visitors.

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