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More than 3,500 years ago, people lived in the area of Vogel and the Julian Alps where they were cattle herders and miners. This is shown by an amazing find made by two amateur archaeologists, Janez Bizjak and Miran Bremšak, right next to the ski slope at Vogel. This previously missing link in the history of the settlement of the mountains shows that our ancestors lived and worked in them even during the Iron Age.

The two archaeologists found the remains of a mine shaft and a residential building, as well as a few smaller finds, of which a fibula from the Iron Age is the most outstanding.

The high Julian Alps were populated as early as the Bronze Age, throughout the Roman period and in the early Middle Ages, as shown by the latest archaeological finds in the areas of Pokljuka, the Triglav mountains, Komna and the lower Bohinj mountains.


These archaeological sites, marked also by the rich cultural and natural heritage, are part of the Železna pot (Iron Route), a high mountain hiking trail within the international Iron Route project.

The route from Vogel to Komna leads through the recently discovered sites from the Iron Age to the early Middle Ages.


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