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Vogel also deserves the attention of those attracted to the flora and fauna of the alpine world. The diverse climatic conditions, rugged terrain and the influence of humans present an interesting living world that is well worth visiting.

Thick alpine beech forests and spruce forests in the hollows, gradually replaced by dwarf pines and larches, stretch across Vogel. The area is covered in different types of plants, herbs and bushes that have developed various adaptations to cope with the specific conditions in micro-locations. Flower species like the gentian (Gentiana), vanilla orchid (Nigritella) and hairy alpenrose (Rhododendron hirsutum) are among the most characteristic of the area. Some of the endemic species native to the Alps, the beautiful Zois' Bellflower (Campanula zoysii) among them, can also be found on screes and in cracks in the rocks.

Animal species typical of this area are also those which have adapted to the alpine ecosystem. A colourful world of insects, lizards and birds, among which the golden eagle, capercaillie and black grouse are the most fascinating, awaits you at Vogel. The rocky slopes, mountain grasslands and dwarf pine regions are home to chamois and roe deer, and from time to time the brown bear also pays a visit to Vogel. Even one of the poisonous snakes, most frequently the black adder, can cross your path during hot summer days, but you do not have to be afraid, just be careful not to step on it.


Above all, with great respect.

The story of Zlatorog tells of a hunter who was blinded by his greed and arrogance in the hunt for the Zlatorog, the mighty chamois, and his horns – the key to the hidden treasures under Mount Bogatin. Zlatorog was injured by the hunter, but then a flower, the Triglav rose, blossomed from a drop of his blood and when he ate it, he immediately recovered.

The price for the hunter's greed was his own death. Zlatorog, disappointed and wrathful, dug up the most beautiful mountain pastures and together with white goats and fairies left the area forever. The traces of his horns can still be clearly seen to this day.

Nature, for the most part, manages to recover itself but we can still do a lot to help:

•  Take your rubbish back down to the valley.
•  One yodelled shout is welcome but others can be spared for the valley.
•  Observe the animals that live here only from a distance.
•  Leave the flowers to grow and instead catch them on camera as a beautiful souvenir.



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Due to the increased number of visitors, the parking spaces may be occupied.
Parking on the main road is not allowed and is punishable by a fine.
We recommend P&R car parks with, mostly free, public transport (see Line 1 and regular lines).


The route through the Žagarjev graben is currently used as a construction site transport route.

That's why any transition is strictly forbidden for everyone!

We appreciate your understanding.

SALE ticket price (2023):

Return tickets:
Adults: 29,50€ / Children: 15€ / Youth, Seniors: 26€ 

One way tickets: 
Adults: 22€ / Children: 11€ / Youth, Seniors: 19€

Regular price list 

Possible changes in operation.

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