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Take the cable car and save yourself some energy, which you will need once you arrive at the upper cable car station, an excellent starting point for interesting shorter and longer hiking tours.

We always recommend that you hire a mountain guide because he or she will enhance your time in the mountains. However, if you do decide to make a tour on your own, please follow the basic guidelines for safe hiking summarized below.

Here are some suggestions that can help you plan your ideal hiking tour:

Upper Vogel cable car station - Ribčev Laz

Turn left at the upper cable car station. The path is not marked very well at the beginning, so it is better to ask the cable railway workers for information. A part of the path is a cross-country skiing trail. After it you make a steep descent to the Bohinj Lake, first walking through the area of larches and then through a beautiful coniferous and deciduous forest. The last part of the trip gets a bit steeper and it ends at Stržene under the Hotel Bellevue

Orientation: OK, more demanding in the upper parts
Level of difficulty: middle
Length: 1 hour
Recommendation: alpine equipment
What is interesting: The path goes mainly through the forest.

Žagarjev Graben

Until further notice, the route through Žagarjev Graben is used as a construction site transport route.

Any crossing is strictly prohibited and dangerous to death!
We appreciate your understanding.


It is your decision – you can make a warm-up ascent to Orlove glave and further on a descent to Zadnji vogel mountain pasture or you can take a shortcut to Žagarjev graben, the longest ski slope in winter, by passing the Murka log cabin. Halfway down, when the path gets a bit tighter, you can make a turn from the ski slope to a forest path, which is much more enjoyable for walking.

Orientation: OK
Level of difficulty: middle
Length: 1 hour
Recommendation: alpine equipment
Worth to see: Some spots in the lower parts have a beautiful view of the Bohinj Lake. The lower parts also give you a picture what a really strong wind does to the trees.

Vogel - Komna - Ukanc

First you go to Orlove glave (by foot or with a chair lift) and on to the lower Šija chair lift station. At the 7th pillar the path turns right. There is a marked transverse path right under the Bohinj ridge leading to Komna. At Globoko pass you can see the remains of a frontier force hut to your right. When you reach Korenjsko sedlo you make a descent – first over grassy grounds, after that among the dwarf pines towards Lepa Komna. Such a long trip certainly makes you tired and you are more than welcome to take a rest in the Komna hut (Dom na Komni) or the hut under Bogatin (Koča pod Bogatinom). Your way back is a wide Austrian military path leading to Ukanc

Orientation: path appropriately marked
Level of difficulty: middle
Length: 6 hours
Recommendation: alpine equipment, a guide, a map
Worth to see: The old Italian-Yugoslav border (Rapal border) was drawn up the mountain ridges above the path - that is why the remains of the milestones and different military buildings are still seen there. Some remains of World War I can be found in Komna and Ukanc (more information about that in: BOHINJ 1914 - 1918 - MED ZALEDJEM IN FRONTO, author: Tomaž Budkovič).

Upper Vogel cable car station - Sija - Vogel

The starting point of the trip is Ski hotel. You move further on to Orlove glave either by foot or with a chair lift, after that along Šija chair lift and on to Visoki orlov rob (1800m). A descent over a mountain ridge and you are at Šija mountain pass, only a steep grass slope away from the top - if you find it too steep, cross it a bit more over to the right. When the weather is clear, you get an unforgettable view at the Šija’s top. You make a descent back to the transverse path and walk westwards to reach the “Vrata” pass (1725m). The mountain slope is quite steep and you need to be careful. It leads to the main ridge, where you make a steep ascent to the Vogel’s top (1922m). Once more you are fascinated by a view of the Julian Alps, Karavanken Mountains and coastal mountains. A descent down a marked path and you are at Zadnji Vogel mountain pasture. Only a slight ascent past the log cabins and you are back at Ski hotel.

Orientation: path marked appropriately
Level of difficulty: middle
Length: 3 hours 30 minutes
Recommendation: alpine equipment, a guide and a map
Worth to see: Snow in the depression under Vogel also in summer. Remains of a mountain pasture in Zadnji Vogel.

Rjava skala - Razor mountain pasture - Tolmin

There are 2 ways how you can get to Razor mountain pasture. The starting path is the same as described above. One of the possibilities is to continue the described trip by making a descent from Vogel to the south (coastal) side. You can continue your trip from Razor mountain pasture either to Tolmin or back to Bohinj.

Orientation: path marked appropriately
Level of difficulty: middle
Length: 3 hours 30 minutes to Razor mountain pasture
Recommendation: alpine equipment, map

The second possibility is the transversal path leading to Komna. At Globoko pass the path branches off to the left towards south.

Rodica - Suha - Ribcev Laz

The starting point is the upper cable car station (1535 m). The trip continues to Orlove glave and further on to the upper Šija chair lift station (1800 m), where the path turns left and a bit downhill. After that you go uphill one more time, cross a mountain ridge and arrive at the top of Rodica (1966m), where you have 2 possibilities: continue the trip over a mountain ridge past Raskovec to Crna Prst or make a descent to Suha mountain pasture (1400m) and further on a forest path all the way to Ribcev Laz (530m).

Orientation: path is nicely marked
Level of difficulty: middle
Length: 3 hours 30 minutes
Recommendation: Alpine equipment
Worth to see: a large pine on the way to Bareca dolina, the upper part of Suha mountain pasture is a kind of botanic garden.

Upper Vogel cable car station - Crna prst - Bohinjska Bistrica

First you must go to Rodica (the path described above) and then partly over and under a mountain ridge. For some time you can enjoy a wonderful view of Primorska and the Bohinj Valley. The trip is really colorful, but you have to be careful at parts where the path gets more demanding. When you arrive to Crna prst, you make a descent to Za Liscem mountain pasture and down to Bohinjska Bistrica.

Orientation: the path is marked
Level of difficulty: middle
Length: 6 hours 30 minutes
Recommendation: Apline equipment
Worth to see: Large grass fields full of beautiful alpine plants - do not forget to take your camera!


• Do not overestimate your own abilities.
• Respect nature to leave a legacy for generations to come.
• Always check the weather forecast because mountain weather can be extremely unpredictable.
• Follow the marked trails and hire a mountain guide.
• Use good quality, appropriate equipment; suitable hiking boots are a must. 
• Use detailed maps for the particular area.
• Stay away from alcohol and other drugs.




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Due to the increased number of visitors, the parking spaces may be occupied.
Parking on the main road is not allowed and is punishable by a fine.
We recommend P&R car parks with, mostly free, public transport (see Line 1 and regular lines).


The route through the Žagarjev graben is currently used as a construction site transport route.

That's why any transition is strictly forbidden for everyone!

We appreciate your understanding.

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