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History and development of Vogel

Skiing in Bohinj was already well developed in the years between the two World Wars. Skiing enthusiasts built Skalaški dom at the very edge of Vogel on Rjava skala. The house was used as an accommodation for the night for skiers in winter and mountaineers in summer. It was burnt down during the war.

A new historical cycle begins for Vogel in 1958, when on the initiative of mountaineers Transturist from Škofja Loka started arranging documentation affairs for the cable car building. In 1961 the cargo cableway (tovorna žičnica?) already operated, but had to stop for a year after it was hit by a lightning strike.

In 1962 the building of the cableway began and after two years (4 July 1964) the cable car with the capacity of 15 people brought the first passengers to Vogel. In the autumn of 1964 the first drag lift Križstarted to operate and after two years also the two chair lifts Šija and Orlove glave. The number of visitors started to rise as well as the need for extension and modernization of transporting and tourist capacities.

In about 40 years Vogel became a famous ski slope with 8 cable railways and a wide choice of guest houses. Several organization changes accompanied Vogel during those years- Transturist from Škofja Loka, Alpetour and Žičnice Vogel Bohinj, a joint-stock company. The main company activity is transporting passengers and cargo with cable railways (drag lifts, chair lifts, cable car and cargo cableway).

A new modernized cable car, that can transport more than 950 people per hour, started operating in 2001 and it offers a wide variety of options for further development.

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Due to the increased number of visitors, the parking spaces may be occupied.
Parking on the main road is not allowed and is punishable by a fine.
We recommend P&R car parks with, mostly free, public transport (see Line 1 and regular lines).


The route through the Žagarjev graben is currently used as a construction site transport route.

That's why any transition is strictly forbidden for everyone!

We appreciate your understanding.

SALE ticket price (2023):

Return tickets:
Adults: 29,50€ / Children: 15€ / Youth, Seniors: 26€ 

One way tickets: 
Adults: 22€ / Children: 11€ / Youth, Seniors: 19€

Regular price list 

Possible changes in operation.

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