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During the nearly forty years of its development, Vogel has grown into a ski resort with eight lifts and various restaurant options. At the same time, many organisational changes took place and today Žičnice Vogel is a public limited company, providing complete daily cable transport services.

Žičnice Vogel BohinjThe company's main activities are passenger and goods cable transport (drag lifts, chairlifts, cable car and cableway supply line) and catering services.

A new modernized cable car, which can transport more than 950 people per hour, started operating in 2001. It offers a wide variety of options for further development.

The company provides services in every season of the year. For additional information please contact us.


1. Ne obratuje Brunarica
2. Ne obratuje Storeč
3. Ne obratuje Orlove glave
4. Ne obratuje Konta
5. Ne obratuje Kratki plaz
6. Ne obratuje Šija
7. Ne obratuje Zadnji Vogel
8. Ne obratuje Prvi Vogel
9. Obratuje Nihalka/Gondola

26.4.- 4.5.2014 

Murka, Ruša, Merjasec  39 €/person
Burja  49 €/person

• accommodation
• ski ticket
• ski equipment rental
• sauna (1x)
• children under 14 * free of charge
• welcome drink ....

Chalets  (booking@vogel.si)



Yet another year of wonderfull spring skiing.
Ski devices will operate on 1., 2. and 4. May. Price for ski tickets: adults 13.50 €,children 9 €.

Welcome to another spring fairy tale at Vogel ski resort.


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