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Vogel is one of the most beautiful and popular ski resorts in the winter, and the most popular high mountain centre in other seasons. We hope to attract even more visitors in the future, both in winter and summer.

We want to offer them as many different options as possible at Vogel, so that everyone can find something for themselves and will always be happy to come back. Catering options, mostly provided by the lift operator, include quality services at reasonable prices provided by local suppliers.

We are determined to seize the opportunities offered by our location in the heart of the Triglav National Park (TNP), despite the many developmental restrictions compared to other sport centres. To achieve this goal, we have to look for solutions that are acceptable both for the TNP and Žičnice Vogel Bohinj.

We aim to further increase Vogel's recognisable profile and attract tourists who originally intended to visit only the surrounding areas. In our efforts to achieve this, we plan to cooperate with other parties involved in tourism in Bohinj and its surroundings.

In winter, we wish to make the most of our advantages of skiing on natural snow and the sunny outlook, complemented by our wonderful location and views.

Our slogan “Vogel. Like a Fairy Tale.” is the perfect description of our resort in every season of the year, and we plan to increase our profile with it and give our visitors this fairy-tale feeling.



      Ne obratuje Brunarica
      Ne obratuje Storeč
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      Obratuje Nihalka- gondola

The cable car operates every day.

8:00 to 18:00 every half an hour (8:00, 8:30, ... 18:00)


Still time to book winter packages in beautiful alpine chalets in the Alpine Village of Vogel.

email: booking@vogel.si

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