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Green Season at Vogel

If the word Vogel only brings up images of snow, we are about to show you that it is actually worth visiting throughout the whole year. From springtime until autumn green covered landscape provides numerous opportunities for activities, recreation and experiences in the mountains.

Taking the cable car to Vogel and the quad chairlift to Orlove Glave  to the panoramas of Vogel, paragliding, guided hiking tours, comfortable accommodation, interesting events and excellent deals will make sure you are never bored and provide you with an unforgettable adventure that is always just around the corner.

Throughout the year, we will take you and your pushchair, wheelchair, parachute or bike up to 1535m above sea level. The cable car can transfer up to 950 people per hour.

Vogel also has a wide range of pleasant accommodation options. Here you can wait for the sun to rise just a few steps from the well-maintained ski slopes, or set off on your planned hiking tour before dawn. Accommodation rental is possible throughout the year. Inns with delicious food are also open all year round. 

One can also discover Bohinj valley from the air because Vogel is a high take-off point for paraqgliding.

See more about green season at Vogel on our summer site.


Obratuje Brunarica
Obratuje Storeč
Obratuje Orlove glave
Obratuje Konta
Ne obratuje Kratki plaz
Ne obratuje Šija
Ne obratuje Zadnji Vogel
Obratuje Nihalka - gondola
Ne obratuje Prvi Vogel
Ne obratuje Zip line



ECO DAY, 9.12.2017

BOHINJ-SKI VLAK from 15.12.2017

SKI OPEN 15.12.-17.12.2017


Get your ski pass quickly and completely easy. Without visiting the cashiers office straight onto the slopes! 

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