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Zadnji Vogel (1,413 m) is a working mountain pasture that is also a part of the Bohinj Cheese Trail. Cattle are herded to the Zadnji Vogel mountain pasture at the end of June where they graze the meadows of Zadnji Vogel and Prvi Vogel for at least two months.

During that time you can taste or buy cheese, cottage cheese and sour milk made at the pasture in the traditional way. These are definitely amongst the gastronomic delights that you shouldn’t miss, especially because the unspoilt natural environment and traditional cheese making skills leave a special mark on the end products.

The mountain hut at Zadnji Vogel also offers the homemade traditional dish koruzni žganci, an Alpine dairyman's cold platter, homemade schnapps, whey and cottage cheese strudel. It also provides dormitory-style accommodation for up to 16 people.

The trail from the upper Vogel cable car station to the mountain pasture is well marked, partially winding its way up and down the ski slope. The walk takes approximately 30 minutes.


Additional Info:

- ”Sirarna Zadnji Vogel” Holiday Cottage

from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, EVERY FULL HOUR.

SALE ticket price (until further notice):

Return tickets:
Adults: 22€ / Children: 11€ / Youth, Seniors: 19€ 

One way tickets:
Adults: 17€ / Children: 9€ / Youth, Seniors: 15€

Regular price list 

Possible changes in operation.



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