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VOGEL – a winter paradise for families

Spend quality free time with your family at Vogel in every season of the year. A trip to Vogel is a welcome addition to your active holiday in Bohinj all year round. 

FIND OUT WHAT winter vogel has to offer to FAMILIES WITH enthusiastic YOUNG explorers

- The first thing that our youngest visitors will definitely enjoy is the Vogel cable car ride itself,
- then you can show them the stunning views (also though binoculars),
- after that you can take them on the  Orlove glave quad chairlift,
- you can also go on a  shorter or longer hiking tour at Vogel, 
- you can add an educational touch to the entire experience (anthills, archaeological trail, Lopata virgin forest etc.), 
- you can take them to a real Alpine mountain pasture (Zadnji Vogel mountain pasture),
- you can introduce them to the typical food of the Bohinj area, and
- to end (or begin) their adventure, they can also try their climbing skills on a small climbing wall next to the Viharnik Café at the upper Vogel cable car station. 

Above all, spend your free time with your children and enjoy the pure fresh mountain air together, soaking up the warm sunshine and enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature.


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      Ne obratuje Brunarica
      Ne obratuje Storeč
      Ne obratuje Orlove glave
      Ne obratuje Konta
      Ne obratuje Kratki plaz
      Ne obratuje Šija
      Ne obratuje Zadnji Vogel
      Obratuje Nihalka- gondola

The cable car operates every day.

8:00 to 18:00 every half an hour (8:00, 8:30, ... 18:00)


Still time to book winter packages in beautiful alpine chalets in the Alpine Village of Vogel.

email: booking@vogel.si


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