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FINŽGAR SKI & SNowboarding school

Swishing down the snowy slopes is a pure pleasure for skiers and snowboarders, but not all of them are skilled in skiing or snowboarding. The experienced ski and snowboard instructors at the Finžgar School can help beginners and others who wish to improve their technique. To visit their website, click Servis Finžgar.

Servis Finžgar is in the same building as where the cable car stops. Before leaving the building turn right and descend to a lower floor. Green signs will help you find us!

Open from 9am till 4pm


Phone: +386 (0)41 623 142 (Blaž)
Phone: +386 (0)4 5721 722 (Servis Finžgar Vogel)



ALPINSPORT – SKI & SNOWBOARD school, cross-country skiing school

Alpinsport Ski School at Vogel ski resort is a member of ZUTS (Združenje učiteljev in trenerjev smučanja Slovenije), a sports association operating within the Ski Association of Slovenia (SAS) that connects ski instructors and coaches. To visit their website, click Alpinsport.

Those who would like to hire ski and snowboard equipment can choose from a wide range of options at Vogel. 

Alpinsport ski rental shop at Vogel ski resort
(between the cable-car top station and Ski hotel)

Open from 9am till 4pm


Phone: (+386) 041 832 076







      Ne obratuje Brunarica
      Ne obratuje Storeč
      Obratuje Orlove glave
      Ne obratuje Konta
      Ne obratuje Kratki plaz
      Ne obratuje Šija
      Ne obratuje Zadnji Vogel
      Obratuje Nihalka- gondola

The cable car operates every day.

8:00 to 18:00 every half an hour (8:00, 8:30, ... 18:00)


Still time to book winter packages in beautiful alpine chalets in the Alpine Village of Vogel.

email: booking@vogel.si


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