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THE HEALINg effects of THE WINTER mountain landscape

Physical exercise outdoors, surrounded by snow-fresh air, feeds our body with negative air ions, and at the same time the snowy landscape acts to calm our nervous systems and mental condition.

The positive effects of snow are additionally strengthened in combination with the healing effects of the mountain climate, typical at an altitude of 1500 metres or higher.

The healing effects of the mountain climate are especially beneficial for the respiratory system, and the sun’s radiation, often missing in the valleys in winter, affects our mood providing a sense of radiant vitality. 

References on healing effects:
- Momir Ubiparib (2012), Naravno zdravljenje - z vodo, snegom, roso, ledom in paro.
- Janja Koren (2007), Vpliv podnebnih značilnosti na obisk Slovenskih turističnih krajev. 


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The ski season on Vogel closed with Easter skiing.

We thank everyone who enjoyed winter in our ski resort.

We invite you to visit Vogel also when it's green.




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