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Snežni park VogelVogel Snow Park is among the best in Slovenia. It has been the place to be at Vogel for several years now, with a variety of kickers and other modules, e.g. rails and boxes, for snow adrenaline junkies both from beginner or experienced and professional standard. 

Vogel Snow Park covers about 2ha of the Vogel ski area. It is open every day from about 09.30 to 15.45, depending on the work of the snowcats (a soft landing is a good landing). The snow park is closed in heavy snow and for the first day or two after snowfall, depending on the amount of snow.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION / conditions at vogel

Vogel Snow Park often hosts different competitions and events, and is definitely the place to have a great time.

Special season and daily ski passes are available for snow park fans.

For more information about the current conditions at the Vogel Snow Park and Vogel Ski Resort, please see the Piste Report. Vogel Snow Park is partly visible on one of the live web cams.








- Box, 3 m and 6 m
- C-box
- Picnic table
- Barrel
- Info point Container
- Roller, 8-10 m
- Mini kicker, 3-4 m
- Rainbow, 6 m
- Mini rainbow
- Downrail, 4,5 m and 5,3 m and 9 m
- Double wave, 9 m
- Big air, 14-16 m
- Big air, 10-12 m
- Double king, 10 m
- King box, 7 m


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During the operation just the part of ski devices, the prices of ski tickets are reduced:

adults              20 EUR

children           10 EUR

youth / seniors 17 EUR

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