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warnings and recommendations

Fun in the snow and a great day can quite quickly turn into their opposites when a few simple guidelines are not followed. Here is some useful information, warnings and recommendations that should be observed: 

OFF-PISTE walking and SKIing

Žičnice Vogel can guarantee your safety only on the piste (if you follow the instructions). Going off-piste is not recommended for those who do not possess the right knowledge and equipment to move safely in the mountains in winter. 


The risk to yourself and others while skiing is easily minimized by following the written guidelines on the lifts and pistes. Also observe the FIS Ski Rules and the guidelines given by ski lift operators and instructors in charge of individual activities.  

weather conditions and avalanches

Besides the right knowledge and equipment, it is also vital to understand the weather and snow conditions which affect safe movement on your selected tour when hiking and ski touring in winter. Žičnice Vogel is not liable for off-piste accidents. For current information about avalanche danger in Slovenia, please see  Avalanches


While sunbathing has a number of positive effects on your health, heavy sun exposure has negative effects on your eyes, skin and immune system. Although ultraviolet radiation in winter is ten times lower than in summer, appropriate caution is still advised in the mountains. Ultraviolet rays are reflected off the snow surface and their negative effect can be twice as big in the mountains. To avoid the unpleasant consequences that follow from the prolonged exposure to the sun, we recommend that you use proper skin protection and wear sunglasses and a hat. 


      Ne obratuje Brunarica
      Ne obratuje Storeč
      Ne obratuje Orlove glave
      Ne obratuje Konta
      Ne obratuje Kratki plaz
      Ne obratuje Šija
      Ne obratuje Zadnji Vogel
      Obratuje Nihalka- gondola

The cable car operates every day.

8:00 to 18:00 every half an hour (8:00, 8:30, ... 18:00)


Still time to book winter packages in beautiful alpine chalets in the Alpine Village of Vogel.

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